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Milind Soman

Triathlete and Limca Record holder Pinkathon ambassador Age is but a numberFinishing IRONMAN at 50 Running philosophyMinimalist; barefoot, natural Not just a runner4-time national swimming champ

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  • I hated running initially, but after I finished my first half marathon, I was hooked and amazed by the sense of achievement. The best way to relive it is to continue running. - Milind Soman
  • Running or walking among nature and trails offers unique health benefits and it helps to uplift the mood tremendously. - Milind Soman
  • I don’t have a complicated fitness routine. Running is enough for me and it’s not just about your legs – it involves your entire body. - Milind Soman
  • Fitness is all in the mind – you think something is going to be difficult but you underestimate what your body is capable of. Your ability will take you by surprise. - Milind Soman
Gul panag

Co-founder and Chief Fitness Officer
20+ half marathons A runner thanks to Dad’s strict training Daily Mileage8km a day! Come rain or hail! Wears many hats!Actor, runner, politician and entrepreneur!

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  • Eat healthy, work harder, maintain a discipline in your routine, and get enough sleep. Most importantly... NEVER RUSH your fitness! - Gul Panag
  • Creating a strong physique while juggling your professional and personal life is more challenging on your mind than your body. It requires an undying passion to eat well and train right! - Gul Panag
  • Fitness is 99% about mental strength. Your body won't go when your mind has given up. - Gul Panag
  • A great body cannot be developed overnight. It takes discipline, hard work, sweat, healthy habits, determination, and most of all patience. - Gul Panag
Anoop Singh

Mr World 2015 and Actor
Professional pilot Catch him onMahabharat as Dhirtarashtra What’s a light workout250 pushups to start with Already has an OscarA 4-year-old Great Dane

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  • Eat healthy, workout harder, maintain a discipline in your routine, sleep on time and most importantly... Don't RUSH! - Anoop Singh
  • Remember, creating a physique while maintaining your career is mentally more challenging than physical and requires an undying passion to eat right and train right for it!” - Anoop Singh
  • Your fitness is 100% mental strength ... Your body won't go where your mind doesn't push it. - Anoop Singh
  • A great body doesn't develop overnight. It takes discipline, hard work, sweat, healthy habits, and most of all patience. - Anoop Singh
Bani J

Actor and Television icon
Fitness enthusiast! Highway to Fame MTV Roadies alumni Favourite tattoo Rise and Shine on wrists Instagram Favourite2,35,000 and counting

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  • Thrive not just for physical, but mental and spiritual stability also. When you work out, focus on being better, bit by bit, rep by rep, day by day - Bani J
  • You have to know what food and how much fuel your body needs to perform at its best. Knowing this is half the battle won. - Bani J
  • Worrying is not going to make your life any better than what it is. It's amazing what you can do once you relax your mind and really focus on what you brings you joy. - Bani J
  • I strongly believe in doing things I love and what brings me joy so I don't hear people criticizing me or being judgmental. I'm too happy off the endorphins - Bani J
MobieFit Run with Milind Soman MobieFit Run with Gul Panag

A complete running companion mobiefit RUN offers 5K & 10K training, along with time and distance-based free running mode for advanced runners

  • Experienced running companions Gul Panag and Milind Soman
  • 5K, and 10K running programs in English and Hindi
  • Flexible running routine with ‘Free Run’
  • Custom challenges, on-demand assistance and running store
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    MobieFit Run with Milind Soman
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    MobieFit Walk screen mockup

    India’s only walking-based fitness app mobiefit WALK helps you get fitter, stay active and lose weight to fight diabetes & heart disease

    • 3 structured training programs in Hindi and English
    • Based on American College of Sports Medicine’s program
    • Customizable ‘Free Walk’ to meet your targets
    • Competitive challenges with exciting rewards
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    MobieFit Body screen mockup

    Forget about the gym with mobiefit BODY. Get stronger at home with celebrity companions with bodyweight workouts made especially for you

    • Exercise with workout companions Anoop Singh and Bani J
    • No equipment needed for pushups, squats and crunches
    • Automatically count each rep and track your performance
    • Global and friend challenges to test your progress
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    Kilometres covered
    100,000+ Kilometres covered

    What Our Fittest Say...

    • Sharana jhangiani Sharana Jagtiani

      Perfect for people like me who need motivation to start working out! Can’t wait to see what new features are coming. Love the dashboards and in-app videos

    • Saurav Aggarwal Saurav Aggarwal

      Mobiefit’s apps make it easy for the entire family to get fit. Even if you can’t run, you can start by walking and then move on to running and other exercises. Wonderful

    • Moonmoon Pati Moonmoon Pati

      You will definitely see the results if you stick to mobiefit’s training. A great way to get anyone started on fitness and losing weight!

    • Nimit Jain Nimit Jain

      Use mobiefit RUN and now have added mobiefit WALK for the rest days. All my fitness needs under one roof. Great initiative!

    • Manish Sigdel Manish Sigdel

      No other apps help you get fitter with great coaching and motivation, while also tracking your performance. Truly one of a kind! Great to be a ‘mobiefitter’!

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