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Stridalyzer Performance Smart Insole

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Analyze your overall running performance with Stridalyzer – the world’s first smart insole made specifically for runners. It uses a pair of insoles with multiple sensors that not only track all aspects of your running form but also analyze your running style. This helps you perform better and keep serious injuries at bay.

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Wear this lightweight pair of insoles while you run. These Smart insoles give you real time running form alerts during your run, along with real-time stress maps on your feet and knees, activity history and act as a virtual coach. The App provides you with analysis, automated guidance and feedback post your run.

Analyze Your Activity

The App has real-time biomechanical analytics that intelligently understands, interprets and advises you about your running form and performance while sending data to the cloud securely. It helps you improve your run by monitoring & analysing several parameters including, stride rate, stride length and ground contact time.


The sensor-enabled insoles effectively collect data about your form, posture, and running performance and send it across to your phone via Bluetooth LE, either in real-time or after your run.

Stress Map

With the Stridalyzer, you can monitor the pressure experienced on your feet and knees. This fitness gadget uses the data collected to recognize the stress areas and calculate the amount of stress exerted. This information helps you work on your balance and form.


The insole connects to the App via Bluetooth LE and stores data on the cloud. You can then access and track your progress on your smartphone from anywhere via Wi-Fi or cellular data. You can log in using Google or Facebook accounts and also share your progress on Facebook.

Long Battery Life

Powered by a rechargeable battery, the Stridalyzer Marathon lasts about 10 hours of running on a single charge. The insoles come with a micro USB port for easy charging.

Real Time Alerts

With this smart insole, you get real-time alerts on the stress experienced, overpronation and overstriding. The app sends you an alert if you overstride or overexert yourself too much during a run.

Treadmill Running

For those who prefer running on a treadmill, the Stridalyzer is a must have. Make the most out of running on a treadmill by setting appropriate inclination and speed, and track your run better. Thanks to the Treadmill feature, you will be able to get your treadmill workout to the same level as running on a track. You can even make a comparative analysis of the two workouts.

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Stridalyzer PERFORMANCE insoles sync data with Stridalyzer App using BlueTooth LE.

Stridalyzer APP is available on iOS and Android.

Product comes with 1 pair insoles, dual-ended charging cable. App can be downloaded from AppStore/PlayStore. 1-year Analytics & Cloud storage included.

Warranty: 1 Year

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Please allow about 7-10 days for delivery (and about 2-4 weeks for international shipment).

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