The weather conditions spelt chilly rain and punishing headwinds. But that did not stop Desiree Linden, who became the first American woman to win the Boston Marathon in 33 years since 1985. While Linden took the women’s race with a time of 2:39:53, Japan’s Yuki Kawauchi won the men’s division in 2:15:53. Linden,34 and Kawauchi,31, this year’s Boston Marathon was a comeback win.

Though Linden’s time was the slowest for a female winner since 1978, she was still over four minutes faster than Sara Sellers who came in at second place.Linden was seen putting behind Ethiopia’s Mamitu Daska, who broke away from the pack even before halfway point.

“It’s supposed to be hard it’s good to get it done.” Desiree Linden via the Associated Press.

In 2011, Linden missed the first place by a mere two seconds. Though she had her eyes set on winning the 2018 Boston, it did not stop her from helping fellow runner Shalane Flanagan from using the porta potty. Though the delay was just 13 seconds, it would have made a difference to Linden especially in a race like this.

Yuki Kawauchi brought the dry spell for Japan to an end by winning the Boston 2018 (Image: Runner’s World)

The top 10 spots were largely taken over by American women at the 2018 Boston, with Rachel Hyland finishing fourth, Nicole Demurcurio coming in fifth, Flanagan finishing sixth, Kimi Reed coming in seventh and Joanna Thompson closing in on No 10.

In the men’s race, Kawauchi, 31, overtook Kenya’s Geoffrey Kirui, becoming Japan’s first champion since 1987. Though we had many elite runners such as Galen Rupp flinching at the horrible weather, Kawauchi seemed rather pleased with the conditions.

“For me, it’s the best conditions possible.” Yuki Kawauchi said after his win.

Kawauchi’s humility showed as he was seen thanking the Boston crowd, despite the thinness due to the gloomy weather. “It’s the best crowd support I’ve ever had anywhere in the world. Thank you Boston,” he said, via CBS Boston. He even opted against having a sponsor, since he wants to go back to his job as an administrator in a high school office.

With Kawauchi taking the lead in first place, New Mexico’s Shadrack Biwott who finished in 2:18:35 in third place, followed by Tyler Pennel who finished fourth, Andrew Bumbalough fifth, Scott Smith was sixth, Elkanah Kibet was eighth and Daniel Vassallo was 10th.

Main Image Courtesy: HuffingtonPost

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