The best way to reward your body is by exercising daily and taking an oath to staying fit. Nobody will do it for you, you got to do it for yourself! Take a leaf out of mobiefit Fitness Icon Dilip Patel’s book, who started off a skinny guy but has now totally transformed his body completely. Dilip worksout for 2 hours everyday with just one rest day in the week. His specialty are his shoulders and he swears by the following exercises for stronger and meaner looking shoulders:

1. Cable Shoulder Overhead Pulls

This workout helps to increase your overall grip strength. Working on your shoulders can also help prevent injuries which are connected with lifting. One of the main benefits with working with cables is that it keeps constant tension on the deltoid muscles at all times.

2. Dumbbell One Arm Shoulder Press

Again, this is an exercise that targets the shoulders. Your anterior deltoid muscles or the front of your shoulders, are the major muscle group worked via this exercise  The exercise also works the front of your arm and chest muscles, including the biceps and pectorals.

3. Dumbbell Side Raises

The main focus of this exercise is to widen your shoulders, your waist and make your hips appear slimmer. The use of dumbbells has the benefit of ensuring unilateral recruitment, thus providing equal resistance for both sides of the body. With all your attention on the shoulder, do not overlook the muscles that allows you to hold onto the dumbbells including your biceps, the tops of your upper arms, and the wrist extensor muscles in your forearms.

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