Alka Patiyal is the first mobiefit Runner to sign up for the Book My Coach program. A Corporate Management Head in Goa, Alka ran with our certified trainer Vinod K for a month before having to take a break due to injury. However, she’s determined to one day complete a half marathon. Alka began running with Vinod as part of the pilot program in Goa under the mobiefit Book My Coach program. Now as we bring the same benefits to residents of Delhi and Bangalore, here’s Alka’s running story to get them inspired.

mobiefit Book My Coach launches with an introductory offer of a free running or bodyweight exercise session with a personal coach

When did you start running and how often do you run?
I started running earlier this year, and ran for a stretch of one and a half months, with mediated training by the mobiefit certified trainer. Unfortunately, I had to discontinue due to knee pain issues. I felt that running was a good exercise & boosts your fitness. It also gives you a sense of satisfaction that you are doing something good for yourself.

What do you hope to achieve from running?
I started running only to stay fit and lose some weight, I have succeeded in that so far.

What are the challenges that you face in running?
I have knee-pain related issues (genetic) and I have been taking advice from a specialist and a yoga instructor. I wanted to know which running surface is good for me and how to maintain a running posture. I like running mostly on Miramar beach or a football ground in my locality.

Do you think you require training or a trainer who can guide/help you to run?
I want to participate in a half marathon. So yes that extra push/motivation you get from a trainer is really helpful. I am also self-motivated and interested in getting into fitness.

How has running helped you in your professional or working life?
Running is a big stress buster. It is also like a warm-up exercise which prepares me for the whole day of work. It also gives me a runner’s high.

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