Elsie Nanji leads a very busy life, working as the managing partner at Red Lion, the design wing of advertising behemoth Publicis India. Prior to that Elsie ran her own advertising agency, called Ambience. 10 years ago, she sold Ambience to Publicis, and around then is also when she started running. We caught up with her to get a peek into her running world.

Were you always into fitness?
Yes, I love the outdoors, the beach, cycling, swimming, yoga, I had a trainer come home 3 times a week soon after my second baby 19 years ago.

How often do you run?
I try to run three or four times a week

Do you do much prep for your runs?Are you careful about what you eat?
Not much, I set an alarm. and am out of the house in 20 minutes. I stretch a bit before my run although I feel t is not adequate, I do more stretches after.

I try and eat well before a run, not too many glasses of wine, not too much food, but it’s quite flexible. In the morning, I wake up and drink one or two glasses of water and before I leave I eat a banana, a spoon of honey and carry a bottle of water.

Nanji is a leading figure in the Indian advertising industry
Nanji is a leading figure in the Indian advertising industry

Tell us about your marathon experience? What’s your personal best?
My first half marathon was in 2007 and I have run ever since. I won 2 golds in my category for the half marathon. My best finish was in 2012 when I completed a half marathon with a timing of 2 hours and one minute.

What would you tell new runners?
Enjoy the spirit of running, the great outdoors and the thrill of being able to challenge yourself every time.

Great parting words from a lady, who despite a very tight schedule, manages to squeeze in a run multiple times a week!

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