Isha Singh Sawhney is a freelance writer based in New Delhi. She travels a lot and is known to eat healthy and train no matter where she goes. FirstRun caught up with her to find out more about her ways of keeping healthy, and her running habits.

How often do you run?
On a good week, twice a week. I have to alternate with strength training and yoga. But I am aiming for weekend runs, which is my new target, and super tough to get down to!

What is it about running that you like the most?
I love the high, obviously. I love the feeling of having done a kilometre more than the last time I ran. More recently I discovered that after the first 5km, I love running without music, it becomes more of a meditation, because I am in tune with every part of my body.

What are your eating habits?
So, I hate junk food! For me, anything not made in my own house is junk! My friends don’t appreciate this. Because of that, too much salt, white anything – flour, sugar, rice – are kryptonite. I try to eat organic as much as I can and also eat a lot of raw vegetables and fiber. For when I am strength training, I get a lot of protein. Recently I turned pescetarian, so I’m trying to navigate the world without meat! Also no preservatives, no sugar drinks and no carbs after lunch! I do allow myself cheat days on the weekend.

Give one piece of advice to a new runner that you’ve learnt from your mistakes.
Listen to your body. Foam roll. Stretch. And ice!

Which is your favorite place to run?
Mud trails always!

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