Running can be a motivational tool as well as a surprise. For someone who is not used to running, there’s always a moment when they are stunned. By their ability to not just amble along. Nimit Jain knows that feeling all too well. The Chartered Accountant from Delhi loves playing cricket, but only started running in May 2015. It came by happenstance.

When and how did you start running?
When I moved to the Najafgarh area in Delhi with my family, I decided to walk at a nearby park with the help of a walking app. One day the app didn’t work, and I thought I would run instead. To my surprise, I ran 10 rounds of the park – each lap around 600-700 m – without stopping and felt really good about it. I realized I am capable of running, and for a greater distance than I thought I would be able to. Since then I’ve been using FirstRun on my morning weekday runs and evening weekend runs.

What do you love most about running?
Running has been such a thrilling experience. I’ve played cricket since I was a kid, but running has helped me de-stress. It also gives a boost to my energy level. It’s been a short time, but running has become a habit. Running helps me focus more on work and acts as a motivational factor for everything. My former boss used to run in marathons, I admired him a lot. But now I share my running stories with him, and my friends. I like to believe that it motivates them to run.

Nimit Jain, FirstRunner and CA
Nimit Jain, FirstRunner and CA

What are some of things that have kept you going?
I started walking to stay fit and lose weight, and I run for the same reason. I plan to join a running group soon for that extra motivation. A running club or group will definitely help as a push. Groups like Reebok Running Club etc. are doing good work. If a person from the same locality joins you in running it can improve your performance.

What’s your running dream?
My dream is to make running a part of my lifestyle on a daily basis. Running a marathon is just a stop in the journey and not the goal. I never want to stop running.

What advice would you give to new runners like you?
Building stamina is the biggest challenge. Many people stop running because of this. Taking time out to run is another big factor. You have to be consistent and avoid being lazy. Run whenever you are comfortable and make sure you are eating well. I run empty stomach with just two glasses of water if I’m running in the morning, and tea and biscuits if running in the evening.

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