What’s it about running that attracts the high-performing individuals among all? One could say it’s simply because running regularly deigns some of the same qualities that managing a high-profile, high-octane life does.

One such runner is Parees Purohit, who works for Ambit Capital in the Institutional Sales team. Purohit says he needs to run no matter what city he wakes up in. Purohit’s job makes him travel constantly so he is always discovering cities on his runs, and it also helps him find solitude and become fitter. In a quick interview, Purohit puts his running habit in a nutshell.

When did you start running?
When I was about 3. In school, football and squash coaching had me running… But I started enjoying running for running’s sake only as an adult in my early 20s.

What about running keeps you going back to it as the main fitness activity in your life?
Hard to articulate. But I’d say I love the solitude it provides in a crowded city like Bombay. I can be with my own thoughts with no intrusion. I love that it’s simple. I love that I can explore new cities and get fit at the same time. I love that bad weather cannot stop me. I love the brightly colored shoes I can wear.

Running provides Parees Purohit with some much-needed solitude
Running provides Parees Purohit with some much-needed solitude

Have you ever run a marathon?
No. I don’t have the time commitment that it demands. I’ve done lots of half marathons, which were fun. But preparing for a full marathon and handling a demanding job are nearly incompatible.

Are you a big fan of accessories or apparel? What do you wear on your runs?
Both! But end up spending more on apparel. I have an armband for my phone and a waterproof one for the monsoon running (makes me feel hard core). And earphones.

Tell us the one sinful food that you indulge in when you’re feeling totally reckless.
Dark chocolate! Feels like I’m totally reckless very often though!

Main image (representative): Steve Bonini

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