Larry Macon is no athletics legend, but he might as well be called Larry Marathon, such is his love and passion for running and finishing marathons. This weekend he ran two more in a running career spanning 16 years. What’s amazing is Sunday’s marathon was the the 1,500th of his career.

Macon started running at 54, and has already set the record for the most marathons run in a year. In 2013 he ran a record 255 marathons. The attorney from San Antonio, Texas finished the Big Sky Marathon in Montana to cap off the 1,500th finish, after running in the Madison Marathon on the previous day.

Image: Runner's World
Infographic credit: Runner’s World

According to an ESPN report, Larry ran 105 marathons in 2008, which was a Guinness World Record at the time. In 2010, he beat that with 106 marathons, and then again in 2011, with 113 finishes. In 2012, he ran a scarcely-believable 157, before completely shattering his record with a incredulous 255 marathons in 2013. His appetite for running however is not accompanied with a desire to be the fastest.

With a personal best finish of 4:15, Macon isn’t exactly a pace setter but it’s his incessant need to finish marathons that has fascinated many in the running community. He’s said to travel 150,000 miles and more per year chasing marathons around the US. Next up for Macon is Alaska, where he plans to run two marathons this weekend.

Main Image: Larry Macon | During his record-breaking 2013 marathon streak

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