Make room, apple. You are not the only fruit to help us stay away from the doctor. Pears are here and they may be the key to keeping your heart ticking fine and your blood pressure regulated.

A new study has revealed that having pears everyday can help regulate blood pressure and improve your cardiovascular functions, especially among middle-aged people with metabolic syndrome, the risk factors that contribute to cardiovascular diseases and type 2 diabetes.

The study, conducted by lead author Sarah Johnson while at Florida State University, involved clinical trials for 50 men and women aged 45 to 65 years who displayed three of the five metabolic syndrome features. They were randomly split and one group received 2 pears (about 178g) while the other a 50g pear-flavoured drink mix (placebo) every day for 12 weeks.

After the 12 week course, those who consumed the fresh pear displayed positive changes in their systolic blood pressure and pulse pressure. On the hand there was no difference in the control or placebo group.

“These initial results are very promising,” Johnson is quoted as saying. “With metabolic syndrome being of such high prevalence in the US, we feel it is important to explore the potential for functional foods such as pears to improve cardiovascular risk factors such as blood pressure in affected middle-aged adults.”

A number of other habits could negate the positive effect that pear consumption may have on those with metabolic syndrome. Long day time naps or long sedentary periods in your daily routine may in fact make it harder for you to beat these metabolic syndrome risk factors. With nutrition, exercise is the key. This will have twice the positive impact, but choosing the right exercise is also crucial.

For seniors, those in post-operative care, or pregnant women, metabolic syndrome risk factors are all the more crucial to avoid. These can have terrible consequences on your health, which is why walking is advised along with a balanced, nutritious diet. Walking is the easiest way to start getting fit and get some form of exercise in your life.

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