Shopping for sports bras isn’t as easy as sauntering into a store and picking something out that looks great. It requires a whole deal more of know-how. Moreover you will find a lot of new materials and fabrics claiming to help you run better, so how does one decide which is the best option? Here is a breakdown of the kind of sports bras you might see on your shopping run, as well as some of the more popular brands.

Compression Sports Bras
A compression style sports bra is the type that will make your chest look flat/bordering on squashed. This was the very first style of sports bras made. Women with smaller cup sizes find these comfortable, but as the cup sizes increases, the functionality of these sports bras decreases.

Encapsulated Sports Bras
Newer types of sports bras are encapsulated styles, which often have molded cups. This type of sports bra will separate your breasts, unlike a compression bra, and at the same time giving you sufficient support.

Combination Sports Bras
This type of sports bra offers the best of both worlds – inner cups to encapsulate, and an outer layer to compress. This type of sports bra can also help minimize a large chest. These work best for the majority of women runners.

Choose a sports bra according to your activity level
Choose a sports bra according to your activity level

Activity level
Choosing the right sports bra also depends on the sort of sport you indulge in. For a runner, your activity level is high impact; hence, combination sports bras work best for you. You chest isn’t compressed too much yet at the same time you have enough support to jog, run, or even sprint.

When it comes to sports bras, Nike has one of the widest varieties of the types and colors of sports bras available in the market. But Canadian brand Lululemon has fast become a recognizable name in good quality yoga or running apparel and are known for their funky and well designed sports bras. And when it comes to running, Asics can’t be far behind. The brand have always meant business and this reflects in their sports bras as well as other running gear.

So go ahead ladies, and indulge yourselves with the best kind of sports bra your body deserves! Happy running!

Images: Nike

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