Although not many might co-relate exercise with coffee, research has shown that caffeine actually can have a telling impact on running or exercise in general. Many runners might just rely on caffeine to get them charged up before morning, but that’s just scratching the surface with caffeine. Yes, we know chugging down cup after cup is not healthy but there’s no debate over whether caffeine is in fact good for you. Here’s why

Improved alertness
Coffee not only gets you mentally ready to face the day but it also increases your mental alertness, betters your mood, and boosts your desire to run harder. Caffeine is a just a perfect way to start your morning workout session with especially a tough speed workout. In short caffeine increases the concentration of endorphins in the brain.

Caffeine also has an impact on your mental alertness, increasing your reaction time and improves neuromuscular response time.

Better fat utilization
Caffeine could also play a role in mobilizing or utilizing fat stores as a fuel for your body. This has a positive impact on your glycogen stores which can be used for other energy needs, such as your running. Caffeine catalyses the fatty acids in your blood stream to help convert fat into usable energy. Needless to say an espresso shot can have a telling impact on the initial few minutes of your exercise, making you conserve glycogen, enabling you to run or work out longer.

Caffeine helps conserve glycogen stores for longer exercise endurance
Caffeine helps conserve glycogen stores for longer exercise endurance

Higher heat tolerance
Unlike what you may have heard, caffeine does not dehydrate you. So a cuppa before your run is not a problem, as long as you have water as well. Another myth is that caffeine reduces your tolerance for heat. Studies show that this popular belief may also not have much scientific credence. Moreover, it’s also known to lower your rate and level of perceived exertion.

Faster recovery
Studies have revealed that caffeine can boost performance, and to enhance recovery speed. Studied have found that a drink with caffeine rebuilds glycogen stores by up to 66 percent more than a simple diet of carbohydrates would do.

So understandably there’s a reason why most runners like to have a shot of espresso or a hot cup of coffee before their run. It’s quite literally an energy top-up for your workout.

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