Barbell lunges are a double edged sword; because they are one of the most effective and yet most problematic exercises. In lunges you give attention to one leg at a time. This helps you develop better coordination and helps you get rid of any imbalance between your limbs. Lunges are not a stationary exercise and if done correctly it mimics athletic activities such as sprinting, jumping and climbing stairs; in terms of physical exertion as well as involvement of muscles.

The one major red flag when it comes to barbell lunges is that many of us exert undue tension on the knees. This one move, both hinders proper muscular balance and places you at a greater risk of a knee injury.

When done correctly, barbell lunges train your legs in a functional manner of descending and elevation one leg at a time, while keeping your body centered above the working front leg. Also, similar to a barbell squat, the barbell lunge also engages the glutes, quads and hamstrings of the leg.

How to do Barbell Lunges?

Mobiefit Fitness Icon Chaitra Narendra is a pro when it comes to weight and strength training. She has gone through a body transformation like no other and swears by lifting weights. In the video, she shows you an effective and simple technique to incorporate barbell lunges in your daily workout. She uses a barbell for maximum benefit. But you can use other forms of resistance such as dumbbells, kettlebell, sandbag, etc. Start by keeping your chest up, since you have a load of weight on your back. Place the weight of the bar on your muscles and not on your spine. You will have to squeeze the shoulder blades and place the bar on top. Take a deep breath and brace your ab muscles, as if you are waiting for a punch. Semi contract your abdominal muscles as opposed to simply sucking in your stomach. Maintain the arch in your lower back.

The trick to a proper barbell lunge is that you need to glide your leg in front and not take a step with one foot in front of the other. When your body has gotten acquainted with the synchronization of the weight and the leg movement, start taking large steps. Keep the weight above the front leg and the lower back arched. Now start dropping your weight down as you bend your leg into a lunge. Pushing through the toes, focus on the movement of the knees and quads. This will be one rep. Repeat the same for the other leg. Stick to low reps ( Set of 5 reps) and to engage more muscles, make your stride bigger.

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