Think yoga is not intense enough to be part of your daily workout? That’s one myth that needs busting. From yoga-inspired stretching to doing weights with yoga, there are a number of ways you can extend your yoga-first life to make a real big impact on your fitness.

These days yoga poses have acquired modern names, but the principles behind these workouts remain the same as they were all those years ago when yoga was invented in India. As an example, check out these yoga-inspired stretches that have been incorporated in mobiefit BODY for your daily bodyweight workout routine. After all, yoga at its purest is nothing but a series of bodyweight workouts. These are sure to make all the difference in your workout regime.

Lower Back Stretch or Marjariasana

Yoga takes inspiration from nature and Marjariasana or the cat stretch gets its name from the familiar feline arched back. It delivers a deeply satisfying stretch for the lower back and its benefits extending to relieving gastrointestinal pain or cramps.

The Supine Quadriceps Stretch aka Supta Matsyendrasana

This pose looks complicated but with some practice you will be able to twist and turn out of this with ease. Now only does it ensure your spine and vertebrae get enough movement and, therefore, become more flexible, thanks to it stimulating and adding pressure on your internal organs, this asana promotes better digestion. It also stretches out a wide range of muscles from your shoulders, to the chest, middle spine, hips, lower back, and even upper back.

Boat Hold Crunches or Paripurna Navasana

Practicing the Paripurna Navasana—also known as the Full Boat Pose—is an excellent way to achieve core strength and overall stability. It’s fairly similar to crunches, but requires additional display of balance and stability, as you balance your body on your buttocks. The Full Boat Pose is a great workout for your lower back, abs and legs—and also improves your metabolism, making it an effective fat burner.

Deep Squat or Malasana

Also known as the Garland Pose is a deep squat, that’s a lot more intense than the now-popular wide squats that. It explores the complete range of motion of the legs when bending the knees, and sitting down. The Malasana finishes with the pelvis resting on the back of your heels, which is taking things one step further than a regular deep squat.

Side Bridge or Vasisthasana

This is a highly effective cooldown pose and one we recommend most beginners do to strengthen your back, sides and the core. Not just that, the Vasisthasana builds arm and shoulder strength, stretches the oft-ignored wrists, which is a great relief if you spend hours over a keyboard. The final pose demands great balance and thus improves the stability of your lower body too.

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