As running shoes go, Adidas’s latest will probably not be the shiniest pair of trainers at the starting line. But the Adidas x Parley gives its wearer some peace of mind knowing it features section that have been made from recycled ocean waste.

The x Parley’s upper is fashioned from Parley Ocean Plastic. Other features of the shoe include illegal deep-sea gill nets retrieved by the nonprofit Sea Shepherd, with a midsole, that would be familiar to Adidas fans. The midsole is based on Adidas’ flagship Ultra Boost technology, so it should be comfortable enough for those who have used it in the past, despite the recycled materials used to make it.

Adidas claims it wanted to transform ocean plastic into technical yarn fiber for other future products. For now, 50 pairs of Adidas x Parley will be made and getting one is not a matter of who queued up first. You would have to enter a contest on social media, and describe how you plan to support Parley’s Ocean Plastic program, which includes other projects that makes use of this recycled products.

Upper is made from illegal deep-fishing nets and salvaged ocean waste
Upper is made from illegal deep-fishing nets and salvaged ocean waste

3D printing and making shoes out of salvaged waste or other recyclable materials is the in-thing in the shoe industry. Earlier in the year, Adidas had unveiled the concept of this shoe and stated its intention to innovate in this field.

Eric Liedtke, adidas Group Executive Board member responsible for Global Brands, had said in a press statement. “The industry can’t afford to wait for directions any longer. Together with the network of Parley for the Oceans, we have started taking action and creating new sustainable materials and innovations for athletes. The 3D-printed ocean plastic shoe midsole stands for how we can set new industry standards if we start questioning the reason of what we create. We want to bring everyone from the industry to the table and create sustainable solutions for big global problems.”

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