Right off the bat, we want to let you know that pole dancing is not gender specific. It is as much for men as it is for women. That said, it’s very rare to see men take up a pole dancing class (or pole dancing as a career). However, there’s no reason they shouldn’t try.

As sexy as it looks, pole dancing includes incredible amounts of strength and endurance training and definitely works on your flexibility. The idea behind a pole dancing workout is not unlike say the Roman Rings or the Uneven Bars. It’s all about manipulating your body around a tight corner and balancing using your muscle strength and not support. It also requires great reflexes, dexterity and agility, especially when it comes to lifting yourself by the pole’s support.

A pole dance class at a fitness studio
A pole dance class at a fitness studio

It definitely is not easy, and we suggest you take it slowly before spinning around a pole wildly. The beauty in it lies in the fact that pole dancers make it look easy and graceful, when in-fact it requires all your muscles to do a simple routine.

You will build core strength better than ever before. Pole dancing leaves you with no choice but to work on your core, since you are using it for a lot of the positions and balance. Eventually this workout will leave it as good as reinforced steel.

Pole dancing is primarily a cardiovascular exercise, and has a lot of plyometric elements. You are constantly moving in a pole routine. So you can consider 30 minutes on the pole as effective as a 30-minute aerobics routine. And it’s also a new skill to pick up, and make your fitness routine less of a routine.

It’s easy on the knees. Pole dancing does not require you to do any high impact knee movements. Instead you work with your muscles, strain, stretch and use them to prop yourself up and about on the pole. Plus, there are no hard landings to affect any wobbly knees.

It’s a great upper body workout for your shoulders, forearms and arms are constantly being put to work, and most times you have to hold your entire body weight on your arms. In addition, your lower body also needs to be well stretched and flexible to help you balance your legs around the pole.

It makes you feel sexy. Yes, pole dancing is usually associated with clubs, but that doesn’t mean you will feel less great after a workout with a pole. Once you start getting good at the pole, it immediately makes you feel more energetic and mood! You feel great about yourself – getting a simple routine right can put you in a great head-space and give you a sense of achievement. There’s music, which immediately means that this workout is fun.

Pole dancing classes are cropping up all over the world. It’s a fun exercise to do and one that makes you want to keep going back to it. If you have classes in your neighbourhood, it’s definitely worth going in for a class to test it out. Who knows, you might fall in love and keep going back for more.

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