Zumba fitness is a Latin-inspired cardio-dance workout that uses music and choreographed steps to form a fitness party atmosphere. While many of the types of dance and music featured in the program are Latin American inspired, classes can also contain everything from jazz to African beats to country to hip-hop and pop.

Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? Well, it is. Everyone who tries Zumba (men included) ends up enjoying themselves thoroughly. This is the perfect example of fun and fitness all rolled in one.

If you’re apprehensive about joining a Zumba class or about giving it a shot, we’re going to list down some of the benefits of taking up Zumba. This will not include all the fun we mentioned, because that just goes without saying.

Zumba as a workout incorporates a lot of routines that will improve your cardiovascular system, which is extremely helpful in your fight to lose that unwanted weight. Also, the average person will burn around 600 to 1000 calories in a Zumba class.

This is a great workout to do if you want to get rid of all that stress you accumulate during your every day. Upbeat moves that are typical of Zumba favor the release of endorphins, which immediately make you feel good.

When you build lean muscle mass and get your body used to the calorie burning that Zumba provides, you boost your metabolism. That means your body is better at burning calories even when you are at rest.

When you do Zumba regularly you will be able to tone your entire body in no time. Because during a Zumba class, you are supposed to move your body to the rhythm of the music, your muscles will be engaged to make some specific moves like squats and twists, and you end up toning your body without even realizing it.

Since most Zumba classes are combined classes, you will end up meeting more people and possibly making new friends. It’s a great environment for making friends and socializing.

As you can see, we at First Run are fans of Zumba. It’s a great alternative routine for a workout, plus your muscles stay toned and it helps you remain healthy while enjoying yourself. What’s not to like?!

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