With every new runner that we make, we learn about what they want to see in FirstRun. And that’s why today FirstRun has come a long way from our humble beginning. After the initial response and the surge of feedback, we have been slowly creating what we envision to be the perfect running partner for beginners, experienced and advanced runners. Along the way we have created over 50,000 FirstRunners.

All of this development hasn’t made us lose sight of the fact that, FirstRun is all about making running easier for everyone. On top of that we are adding tools to help you achieve your fitness goals. This is the time to take a look at the new additions to our app.

Brand new Music experience
We knew that many of our runners wanted better control over the music they run to. So that’s why we redesigned the experience to be like any capable music player. Now all your music is automatically sorted into Playlists, Songs, Artists and Albums. From here choose any item to start playing. It’s simple, fast and convenient.

Brand new Start Line section
Your very own FirstRunning blog is now neatly ensconced within the FirstRun app in a brand new section called the Start Line. We have some exciting new features in the works for our Start Line section, but to start with all the blog articles will now be easily seen in the app, along with the existing running technique videos.

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Weight-loss companion
Running is the easiest way to start losing weight. And many of our new runners have decided to run for this reason. To make things easier for them, we’ve added a calorie loss counter in the latest version of FirstRun. Now you can see your run at work, as you watch the calories burn.

Running route tracker
With the new FirstRun app, you can see in real-time the route you are running on. With Google Maps integration, you will be able to see your daily route, and as a fun exercise can try creating a new running shape every time you step out with FirstRun.

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In addition to this, we have also spruced up some parts of the app for a cleaner look, and added a runner profile page, where you can check your signed-in details.

We already know what makes FirstRun the ideal running trainer for you. The 5K program takes a runner through 9 weeks of training to be ready to run 30 minutes without stopping. The advanced 12-week Couch to 10K program prepares you to meet the 65 minute endurance time. The latter is ideal for those looking to make running a permanent lifestyle choice.

It’s also about the right ingredients — from the personal running coach to the focus on time, and not speed or distance. It’s also about knowing that some days you may not be up to finishing a run, so it’s a completely open program. Even in inclement weather, we want you to continue running using our unique treadmill mode that gives runners the right speed guidelines at the right time.

And now we have armed our app with more intelligence than ever before. Stay tuned for more surprises, as FirstRun enters the next stage of its running revolution.

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