With fitness icons like Bani J and Mr. World 2015 Anoop Singh guiding you through the fitness program of mobiefit BODY, it’s easy to stay motivated. But sometimes it’s a testimonial from someone who has actually experienced the benefits of home workouts that really inspires others.

That’s what we want to see and hear from you! Tell the world about your mobiefit BODY experience and give them a chance to get started. In return we are rewarding our awesome users with some Amazon coupons. The video should stress on the features of the app from training to various fitness challenges to the all-new Blog and Videos section!

Here’s a chance for you to share your experience with us and win amazing prizes! Download mobiefit BODY for Android and iOS now and upload a screenshot of your mobiefit BODY dashboard which shows your progress. Next shoot a small video about your journey with mobiefit BODY. Send the screenshot and the video to [email protected] and we will reward the ones that stand out! Here’s to hearing all the rave reviews that you have in store for us!

Make your mobiefit BODY experience about more than just fitness, and go from being inspired to inspiring others.

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