mobiefit Fitness Icon Meghna Kunwar is still in college but never misses a day at the gym! Here’s a look at a typical back day in Meghna’s gym routine. So if you want a sexy and stronger back this season, follow these exercise:

Lat Pulldowns

Lat pull downs are essential for building upper body strength. This exercise also improves stability in the lower back and the core. Sit down the lat pull down machine at your gym and grab the bar with an overhand grip which should be beyond your shoulder width. Keep your arms straight and your shoulder uprights. Once you get your posture in check, pull your shoulder blades down and back, while  bringing the bar to your chest. Pause for 3 seconds and then slowly return to the starting position. So 3 sets of 14 reps each for maximum benefits.

Straight Arm Pulldown

For an upbeat session at the gym, don’t miss out on the straight-arm pulldown. This is a great exercise to be performed before or after your compound exercise session. Start by grabbing the wide bar and maintaining a shoulder width, face your palms downwards for grip. Now bend your torso slightly at the waist and tighten your lats as you prepare yourself for the pull. Breathe out as you pull the bar all the way to the thighs. While keeping your arms straight, return back to your starting position while breathing in. To see results, do  a set of 3 with 12 reps each.

Rear Back on Pec Fly

The pec fly machine can be used to also work the back muscles. You need to start off by adjusting the handles, keeping in mind that you will be facing the pulley. Select the appropriate weight and adjust the seat so when you sit, the overhead handles should reach shoulder level. Grab onto the handles with your palms facing inwards. Mark this as your starting position. Now , in a semi-circular motion, pull your hands to your side and the back. You will feel your rear delts contracting. keep the arms bent as you make the motion. Pause at the rear movement, and slowly return to the starting position. Do 3 sets of 12 reps each and see the difference.


The deadlift is a go to exercise for anybody who lifts. The important criteria for this exercise is the posture you maintain. Position yourself with feet hip-width apart. The bar should be centered over your feet. Now gently bend at the hip to get a grip of the bar. Your palms should be a shoulder-width distance, allowing your shoulder blades to protract. As you ready yourself with your grip, take a big breath and then lower your hips and flex the knees until your shins touch the bar. Always look forward and keep your chest up and your back arched. Use the muscles of your heals as you drive the weight upward. Once the bar passes the knees, pull the bar back by driving your shoulder blades together. Lower the bar by bending at the hips and guiding it back to the floor.

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