Running is great but sometimes hitting the tracks or the jogging trail alone can be a challenge, especially on dreary days after late nights. One missed run leads to another and this is how many new runners fall by the wayside, and drop one of the best habits in life. Yes, running is a habit. So initially it’s only human to want to end the routine. If boredom or lack of motivation is making you lazier, you need to find a way to get back on the track. We have four to get you started:

Get a running partner
It’s always fun to run with a partner running with someone makes running much more entertaining. Not only does it act as a motivator, but you could throw in mini running contests to add some variations. For beginners, this can be a great asset, especially since we recommend that to ease into the habit of running you should only run at a speed that lets you have a small chat with a fellow runner or a passer-by. But it’s important to keep the talking to a minimum. After you’ve become a practiced runner, the silent company of a friend can be motivation enough.

Take breaks
Instead of increasing your running volume, take it down a notch. Take a break by going swimming or cycling instead of a run. Get in seriously good shape by hitting the gym and doing some Yoga on weekend mornings. Don’t overload your body with only the goodness that comes from running. Running itself demands concerted upper and lower body effort so aim for holistic development.

Listen to good music
Music can work wonder while you are running all you need is a good playlist that will energize you to run. If you have a lot of music on your phone, FirstRun’s app now lets you control all those files right through its music player. Music has known to make it easier to stick to your running schedule, especially if you are someone who needs music to get into your rhythm while running.

Change routes
Running on the same old routes can become a big bore after a point, making you look forward to it less and less. Change your running track – go from the city to the trail, or run on a treadmill to control your difficulty. Hit the beach on the weekends in the morning, when the cooler surface means you can run barefoot. Some variety will keep you interested, motivated and eager to run.

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