It’s hot and you’re still running! Kudos to you, and we are here to give you a few basic tips/hacks to make your run easier, especially if this is your first summer of running.

These are the very essential changes you need to make sure that your first summer of running does not become a burden, but a great learning experience.

Lighten up
Used to running in your headphones? Swap them out for a lighter pair or go for earphones. Headphones make your ears very warm, and that only increases possible places where you could chafe. And after a point they start to weigh your head down, which ruins your posture. If running to music, carry just one device which tracks your runs, has training tips and also lets you listen to music. Multiple devices add to the awkwardness and heavy feeling.

Let go of the tights
Tights are great in colder weather where they help your muscles retain warmth for longer, but let your legs feel the air, and allow them to cool off from the perspiration naturally. Make sure you are wearing shorts which have a sweat-wicking layer, so that it also helps in clearing off the sweat. These days shorts with zip-pockets allow you to carry a light snack or a smart device snugly.

Find some shade
Gear up with a simple running hat with a long enough flap or protect your eyes with a pair of sharp sunglasses that don’t add too much bulk to your face. Make sure they fit you or you would spend more time shifting it back up than focusing on your run. You could get running goggles instead of regular sunglasses. These are much lighter and fit better on your head (most come with a strap).

Get vaseline or a anti-chafe cream for your first 10K. It'll be a life-saver
Get anti-chafe cream or powder for your first summer of running

Get chafe proof
Learn whether anti-chafe powder works for you or whether you should go the cream route. All runners have different degrees of chafing so take your time to learn and adjust. If you’re clocking more than 5K on your runs, it is essential to get chafe proof through sensible clothing and protection. Chafing is quite natural among runners, so don’t be afraid to lather on a fair bit of the solution you prefer. Or you could even get some medical tape to protect the areas.

Get sunproof
We mention sunblock quite often, and we won’t apologise for it. Please apply with care before a run and don’t leave your skin exposed. SPF 50 is what we recommend. It lasts an easy 60-120 minutes and you can run to your heart’s desire without the need of a second application.

Make hydration easier
Easy to hold running water bottles are kind of a big deal. Or get a small hydration tubes which you can tuck away in a running belt. Avoiding dehydration should be your primary goal, so account for a 5-second water break in any race, in case you don’t have a running bottle. Trail runners are lucky that they can choose from a number of hydration packs that don’t add bulk to the runners.

Basics are usually the first to be forgotten, so keep this checklist handy and you will be safe and cool this summer, even when sweating buckets from running. Happy summer of running!

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