Addicted to coffee? Don’t beat yourself over it, because it may actually be a good thing!

Coffee has endured a roller-coaster of changes when it comes to its reputation. In 1991, way after the world got to know this magical beverage the World Health Organization classified coffee as a “possible carcinogen“. But then, in 2016, WHO itself announced that due to the “lack of conclusive evidence for a possible carcinogenic effect of drinking coffee.”

Coffee before your run can be a boost for energy and recovery
Coffee is great to boost your energy and fluid levels

This flaky reputation is largely due to the production of acrylamide when coffee is roasted. This compound is considered as a carcinogen in California but has only been tested on lab mice. Though large amounts of acrylamide have been shown to cause cancer in rodents, there is no compelling evidence showing the increase in the risk of cancer in humans. Another point to be noted is that the animals are exposed to up to 60 times higher concentration of acrylamide than what humans are exposed to.

Still feeling uneasy about your morning cuppa joe? While chugging down a mug of coffee every other hour can obviously have a devastating effect on your health, moderation is key here. A cup or two of coffee never hurt anyone. And we have research to prove it! Read on:

Improved alertness

Coffee not only gets you mentally ready to face the day but it also increases your mental alertness, betters your mood, and boosts your desire to run harder. Caffeine is a just a perfect way to start your morning workout session with especially a tough speed workout. In short, caffeine increases the concentration of endorphins in the brain.

Caffeine also has an impact on your mental alertness, increasing your reaction time and improves neuromuscular response time.

Besides the notorious acrylamide coffee has more than 1000 compounds, many of which are anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer

Better fat utilization

Caffeine could also play a role in mobilizing or utilizing fat stores as a fuel for your body. This has a positive impact on your glycogen stores which can be used for other energy needs, such as your running. Caffeine catalyses the fatty acids in your bloodstream to help convert fat into usable energy. Needless to say, an espresso shot can have a telling impact on the initial few minutes of your exercise, making you conserve glycogen, enabling you to run or work out longer.

Lower Risk Of Cancer

Besides the notorious acrylamide coffee has more than 1000 compounds, many of which are anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer. Since it contains numerous antioxidants, coffee also helps to prevent free radical damage that could potentially cause cancer. According to a BMJ review, coffee consumption is associated with a lower risk of melanoma and leukaemia, as well as prostate and endometrial cancers. Another study also shows that coffee drinkers were also 26 percent less likely to develop colorectal cancers than non-coffee drinkers.

Faster recovery 

If you are always on the go and can’t miss your workouts, then studies have revealed that caffeine can boost performance, and enhance your recovery speed. Caffeine rebuilds glycogen stores by up to 66 percent more than a simple diet of carbohydrates would do. And we all know that a shot of coffee before your workout or run is more than enough to keep you pumped up through the entire session.

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