Warmup workouts are purely to increase the tolerance in your muscles and stretch you out before a run. It’s a surefire way to keep injuries at bay, even if help is at hand. Stretch out your hamstrings, glutes and core with the inchworm exercise.

As its name suggests, the inchworm exercise will have you going up and down across flat surface like the bug itself. At its most effective, it works out your arms, chest and upper back, strengthening the core, glutes, ankles and pectoral muscles.

You don’t need any sort of equipment while performing this exercise hence you can do it almost anywhere, but make sure you have enough room to uncoil and go back. If you’re new to exercises then take it slow, as usual, before increasing the intensity.

Phase 1
It is simple to begin this exercise. Keep your feet close together and shoulder-width apart. Bend down while keeping your knees straight and touch the floor directly under you with the palms facing outwards.

Phase 2
Slowly move your hands forward a little at a time while stretching out your hamstrings and using your hands to gain traction and stability. Keep going ahead a few inches at a time, while balancing your lower body on the toes. Eventually you will end up in a push up position. Hold the pose for a few seconds.

Phase 3
For the next step go back the way you came and slowly move backwards till your hands are directly under your body. Now get back to the starting position and repeat.

• To avoid back injury always keep your back in a natural position as much as you can through the whole workout session. Don’t let it sag below your torso or keep it bent at an acute angle, like a tent.

• Do not bend your lower back. This will put extra stress on your shoulders, and make it difficult to take those small steps while you move forward. Always hold the position that’s most comfortable to maintain when it comes to inchworm exercise.

• Do not sag your hip it might lead to hip injury, and you could end up hurting your lower back, hamstrings and glutes.

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