Agreed that everybody knows how to run. It’s not an acquired or learned skill. We run when we are kids, we run as adults and if we like to run, we do it a lot. So why in Usain Bolt’s name would you need a running trainer?

For starters, running coaches help optimize your performance and minimize injury risk. But then again, you may wonder that these are essentials for professional runners, right? Well, running coaches aren’t necessarily for experienced runners. They can help runners of all levels. They help beginners and experienced runners avoid common training errors, such as running too much too soon, not including enough rest and recovery time, pacing in a race, and reminding them when to change shoes. They will teach you when to run at an easy pace, when to should schedule a long run or if you need to adjust your form or technique.

Coaches motivate and support you. People are going to push themselves, but a good coach will provide the best guidance for a bad plan. This includes offering encouragement to a new runner Coaches can help you choose the right gear for race day. Or during marathon taper when runners tend to get anxious and edgy, fearing they will lose fitness. Coaches offer safe workouts to keep you sharp and fit without impairing the taper phase.

Coaches also help with rehab after an injury. For runners that took time off to nurse a sore knee, or any other injury but don’t know what caused the injury, need someone to address the underlying factors that contributed are essential. Returning to running without any symptoms is a given under the guidance of a good coach.

Do remember that when you’re searching for a running coach to look for a certified running coach, and consider your needs as a runner as well as the coach’s area of expertise.

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