Audio brand Bose has joined the hordes of electronics maker to created its own range of ‘hearables’ or fitness tracking Bluetooth headphones. The Bose SoundSport Pulse will launch in September for $199.99 or around Rs 14,000, while the non-biometric version is available right now for $149.99 or around Rs 10,000.

The Bose SoundSport Pulse come with heart rate sensors built-in, just like many of its competitors such as the Samsung Gear IconX, and connects to your phone or tablet via Bluetooth to sync data from the readings.

Made from high-quality materials that are typical to sporty earphones, the SoundSport Pulse pair features a soft cushioned fit and wingtips to lock into your ear. This is especially important for consistent readings of the heart rate and also to ensure that the earphones don’t come loose while you pump out those pushups, crunches and squats.

The optical-based heart rate sensor works with popular running apps, and the proprietary Bose Connect app, which will show heart rate data in real time on your handheld device. Bose claims that the wireless headphones have enough juice to last you through a marathon, with five hours of heart rate tracking, as well as music-playing battery life claimed.

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