What happens on days that you don’t feel like running or when you might have suffered a minor injury that doesn’t let you? Fitness fanatics hate missing out even a single day of working out, but with a busted knee or ankle or when you’re just not in the mood, what are your options?

Having an alternative means of getting your cardio in, without your regular run involved, helps to mix things up a bit and also works on your muscles differently, which is always a good thing.

This is the perfect alternative to running. It allows you to maintain and improve your fitness but without the same stress on your joints and shins. Whether it’s a bike ride outdoors, a spin class or just your stationary gym cycle, cycling can really shake things up and is kind to your joints.

Elliptical trainer
Most people consider this to be an invention of the devil, but let’s face the facts – the elliptical offers an excellent training alternative for runners who are injured or just not in the mood to run. It mimics the motion of running without affecting your joints one bit.

No, we haven’t travelled to the 80’s and straight into a Jane Fonda world. Aerobics works wonders for people, especially when it involves step aerobics. Aerobics offer high-intensity and low-impact workouts that are easier on the joints than running but still effective in improving muscular strength and cardiovascular endurance. The key is to perform the moves properly and safely to avoid injury.

Pool stretches
The great thing about being in water is that you can stretch your muscles a lot more than otherwise. One way to gain the extra stretch is holding on to the pool steps or edge and sweeping your feet behind and in front of you. A great stretch for glutes, adductors, and your hamstring. Will keep you fit as a fiddle even without a run.

There you have it. 3 great alternatives to running, which will keep your joints healthy, build up your cardiovascular endurance as well as give you variety in your workouts.

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