The most basic of all functions, breathing, can actually make or break your run. While doing any strenuous activity, if you get your breathing right, then you make your life multiple times easier. Just inhaling and exhaling at right intervals can have such a deep impact on our active lives.

What happens when you run? Should you just breathe as your body allows you to or should you change it to make it more efficient? Well, we do believe that there is a right way to breathing while running. And we’re going to list out a few pointers for runners, some that you might already be aware of, but it’s always fun to drive a point home and make sure no body misses out on running tips.

To begin with, always breathe in and out primarily through your mouth when you’re running. The primary purpose of all this oxygen is to feed your muscles, and breathing through the mouth is most effective way to do this. There’s nothing stopping you from breathing through your nose as well, go right ahead. But it’s all about efficient utilisation of the oxygen intake.

Do not ‘chest breathe’ – Your breathing should be diaphragmatic, meaning the action of inhaling and exhaling extends down into your stomach. Chest breathing is shallow and does not bring in maximal oxygen and doesn’t fully expel your lungs when you exhale. Your stomach should expand and contract as you breathe – that is the correct form of breathing.

Practice breathing – in order to make sure you have your breathing technique down pat – practice it. The easiest way to start is by lying on the ground and breathing in deeply so your belly rises with your chest as you inhale, and lowers while you exhale. Continue to practice this while lying down until you feel confident to move upright. If you already practice yoga this should be easy for you. If you don’t, try logging in one yoga class every week and watch as you improve rapidly.

Inhale and exhale, boys and girls. Breathe right and run happier.

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