Squats have built a reputation of being the go-to workout for getting a tighter butt. While we cannot deny that squats are great for glutes and hamstrings, they are a little limited. There are plenty of other butt exercises out there that you can mix up in your routine, and get a well-rounded tighter butt. Here’s a collection of videos with workouts that help you get there.

Plank Medley
The Plank is such a great cool-down and core strengthening exercise, but it also gets your glutes involved. This Plank medley gives you a great mix of  planks that work for your butt and also help you get a stronger core.

Single Leg Bridge
Bridge is a great way to get your glutes activated and this one adds a difficulty element that makes the workout even more effective. As a bonus, you are also getting slimmer legs with regular single leg bridges.

Marching Glute Bridge
Get a move on while in the bridge position with this workout that activates your glutes, gets your hips flexible and makes your overall lower body much stronger.

Clamshell Workout
An easy one to do after a run or to relax during a workout. It doesn’t get any easier than this when it comes to effective butt workouts.

Reverse Plank with Leg Raise
A twist on a traditional plank, this one employs your hamstrings and is great for that sculpted butt look. It’s a great way to keep your backside toned.

Sumo Pulse Squat
And we have one squat to round off this list. This is no regular squat though as it gives your inner thigh, your pelvic muscles and your butt the workout they desperately need. The pulse action builds power in your hamstring and thigh muscles too.

Floor Jacks
Ever wanted a workout that works on your arms and your butt at the same time? Floor Jacks does just that and gives you slimmer arms while also burning fat and cellulite from your butt area.

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