For many of us, finding the motivation to exercise can be a daily battle of wills. From the monotony of waiting for your turn at the gym to rehashing the same old playlist for your run, the boredom can get to you in several ways. If you find this happening one too many times during your workouts, perhaps it’s time to consider partnering up. The advantages of working out with a friend are many – the most obvious one by far being that you’re less likely to get bored when you have company.

Teaming up with a friend, a co-worker, or even your partner can be especially motivating when you’re a beginner and haven’t yet gotten into the habit of staying focused on your workouts. Not only can your workout buddy keep your spirits up through the session, but if he or she is more experienced, you’ll possibly learn a lot of first-hand tips and tricks too. Here are some more reasons for you to partner-up.

You always have someone to workout with

You can count on your friends to be there for you whether you are running a half marathon that you didn’t feel like doing or pumping weights for your final rep. Not only will you have someone to partake in your fitness goals, but seeing your friend lift that extra set of weights will probably be all the motivation that you need to keep on going.

You get to meet new people

Finding an activity like running or hitting the gym will not only make the bond between you and your friend or partner more stronger, but it will also expose you to newer people and experiences. Again, this is great for staying motivated as you’ll realize that you still have a long way to go when it comes to achieving your goals.

You have a support system

In situations where you fall short of reaching your target weight or setting a personal best, your friends will always be there to support you and lend you a helping hand. Many a times, more than boredom the idea of failure itself deters many from pursuing their goals. But this just becomes easier and more bearable when you have a shoulder to lean on.

Sticking to your fitness goals becomes much more easier and bearable when you have a fitness buddy

You can finally ramble on!

If you are a passionate runner or a committed gym bum, you might sometimes go on a rant about the technicalities of your sport. While many might get bored of this rambling, having a fitness buddy will not only help the conversation going but it will also help you stay on top of your game. Since you both are enthusiastic about the same thing, you can go to them if you have any queries about your form or which running shoe you should invest in.

Become Insta-worthy

Can you imagine the sheer joy of not having to click selfies to see your progress? Yep! When you have a buddy system, you will feel ( and look) like a million bucks. If your friend is active on social media then you will get free publicity as well because come on, those Facebook and Instagram Posts are not going to like themselves.

They’ll eat with you

Ever ordered something and didn’t quite finish it? Now you can finally find common grounds to order healthy food and will have someone by your side to help you finish it. Also, cheat days become a lot less guilty when you have a partner in crime.

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