One of the paramount issues that runners face is where to put all their stuff when running. Whether it’s your hydration gels, car keys, phone, energy bars or just your favourite lip balm; running with these bare essentials becomes daunting when you don’t have a means to carry it all. Usually many runners end up just carrying what they need in their bare hands and running, others find solace in the fanny pack.  Though fanny packs have been a friend to many for their sheer utilitarian purpose, at the same time they are severely ridiculed and criticized for their unshapely appearance. I mean, it’s such a beautiful concept but why does it have to look so grisly!

Runner’s World writer and marathoner, Marissa Stephenson came upon the FlipBelt happen chance during the New York Marathon Race Expo. This extra-wide, multi-pocketed belt made from the same sweat-wicking material as running tights, caught her fancy especially when the saleswoman quoted, “They hold everything. But they’re not bulky or bouncy, like a fanny pack.”

With a rigid aversion to fanny packs, Stephenson did not hesitate to strap on a baby-blue version of this belt to run an entire 26.2 miles. What all did she slide in there? “I added a wad of cash, credit cards, keys, and my watch for good measure. I tucked a pack of Jelly Belly Sports Beans into the roomy rear zippered pocket. I went back to the mirror, and jogged in place. I am a nothing-new-on-race-day advocate, but friends, I wore that FlipBelt for the first time to run 26.2 miles and I freaking loved it!”, Stephenson says with much fervour.

So what exactly is the FlipBelt and why is such an unconventional product in the world of athletic storage? The Flipbelt is basically a hollow tube pouch in the form of a waistband. Made from 92% Micropoly 8% Lycra – moisture wicking and quick drying material, it fits snugly around your waist and ensures that everything stays separate and organized. The classic FlipBelt comes with two slits in the front and back, through which you can put the things you need to carry on your run. The new version has a zipper pocket along with 3 open access points that are wide enough to accommodate passports and extra large phones, such as the iPhone 7 Plus and Samsung Notes.

Image Courtesy: FlipBelt

For extra security, they have also added a key hook and a 3M quality reflective safety logo, to caution people when you are running in the dark. Since it is made of wicking, there’s no hassle of cleaning it up as you can simply dump it in your machine and hang dry it. Though the product has not been officially launched in India, you can easily get your hands on it on the FlipBelt website.

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