Nothing tastes better than a meal after a workout, more so if you’ve been running early in the morning. The best time to eat after a run is within 30 minutes of the workout, since you need to kickstart the growth and repair process of your body. While rest and recovery will repair it to a certain extent, there’s nothing like a nutritious meal to get you there faster.

After a run your body needs carbohydrates (since carbs are the main fuel source of the body), and protein (essential for growth and repair of your muscle tissue). Carbs help restore the glycogen in your body, which are the fuel cells that enable cardiovascular activity. That’s where the term carbs-loading comes from and is used as a pre-race fuel loading stop that will give you enough energy to get through the run.

Some of you might not like eating immediately after a run and that’s fine, because you can whip up a smoothie that will tide you over till you’re ready to chow down on a sandwich. Here are some options that are perfect for a post-run meal.

Granola or Yogurt with berries/fruit
This is an easy to make breakfast that’s surprisingly delicious. Drizzle some honey on top to make it more exciting. In the mood for cereal? Go for muesli instead, and get charged up after your run.

A breakfast buffet (Image: Torsten Seiler)
A breakfast buffet (Image: Torsten Seiler)

Scrambled eggs on toast
Scrambled eggs on toast is as healthy and wholesome as it gets; even more so if you only use egg whites. Still hungry? Rustle up a quick arugula and tomato salad. [arugula + tomato + salt + drizzle of oil and lemon juice]

Go for multigrain bread instead of white, and pair it with a simple tomato and cucumber combo. Add in shredded or thin slices of chicken for that hit of protein. Substitute the chicken with avocados for a veggie breakfast!

Choose your own variations, but remember the key is a good balance of carbs and proteins. Bon appètit!

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