Chaitra Narendra is one of the few people who realized that although she might not be obese, she was definitely not healthy! And from there on, there has been no looking back for Chaitra when it came to achieving her fitness goals. With a healthy diet, tons of water and a strict exercise regime Chaitra went from a 68 kgs to her current weight of 49 kgs!  Her workout regime comprises of mostly circuit training and lifting weights. And despite the common misconception that women who lift weights appear bulky or masculine, Chaitra breaks all these barriers by lifting like a pro and flaunting an envious body. Chaitra strongly believes that this would not have been possible without her perseverance and support from her friends and family. From being chubby to being lean and fit, Chaitra has indeed come a long way. To know more about Chaitra and to follow her, download mobiefit BODY for Android and iOS.

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