And here are the much awaited names of the winners of the mobiefit BODY March challenges! We had six amazing challenges with very determined participants. These guys have put in their all to come through as the indisputable winners. In the next month, participate in the April Challenges and maybe you could be our next winner. Watch out for these challenges this week! Download the mobiefit BODY app for Android and iOS and keep up because you might just be our next winner!

1000 Push ups Challenge

1000 pushups in a month? Wow! We have some fit winners for this round of the mobiefit BODY March 1000 pushups challenge. In first place we have Durga Shanker from Bangalore, followed by Divyanshu Tomar from Delhi and in third place we have Shahbaz Qureshi from Mumbai. Excellent work guys! You win Amazon gift vouchers worth Rs 1000. Keep up the amazing work.

1000 Squats Challenge

It’s always a pleasure to have enthusiastic participants like Divyanshu Tomar from Delhi who never leaves a stone unturned. He is our deserving winner for 1000 Squats Challenge and takes the first place.Vishal Tomar from Delhi is in the second spot followed by Vijender Gahlot in third place. The top 3 winners win exciting Amazon vouchers worth Rs 1000 each.

1000 Crunches Challenge

Parul Gahlot is in the top spot for this challenge followed by Delhi boy Raghubir Tomar who takes the second spot and again we have the determined Divyanshu Tomar coming in at the third place. Congrats guys! You’ll are on your way to the perfect six-pack abs. All the winners receive Amazon vouchers worth Rs 1000.

March Push ups Challenge


Simon D from Goa is the clear winner with 77 pushups in a minute. Divyanshu Tomar from Delhi comes in second with 76 reps followed by
Vishal Kalia from Amritsar who did 75 pushups. It was a close call guys but you guys won hands down! You’ll receive Amazon vouchers worth Rs 1000 each.

March Crunches Challenge

Crunches are no joke but our winners make it look like a piece of cake! Divyanshu Tomar from Delhi wins this round with 67 reps in under a minute. Gautam Bharti from Mumbai and Vishwakarthik Ramesh from Gurgaon are are tied at the second place with 62 reps each. In the third place we have Raghubir Tomar from Delhi and Kuwar Rajpalsinh who performed 59 crunches each. All the winners receive Amazon vouchers worth Rs 1000 each.

March Squats Challenge

Simon D from Goa is the champion for the March Squats challenge by performing 76 squats in a minute. Divyanshu Tomar from Delhi comes in second followed by Parmar Jakhara from Porbandar,Kuwar Rajpalsinh, and Jacky Parmar all tied at the third place. Congratulations guys! You all win Amazon vouchers worth Rs 1000 each.

Great job you guys! And for everybody out there who’s missing out on these challenges, what are you waiting for! Participate in the exciting April BODY Challenges and win amazing prizes and be a part of the mobiefit Hall of Fame!

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