Most people know of Xiaomi as the company that is changing the smartphone landscape. But the company has also dabbled in technology such as televisions, smart fans, action cameras, streaming dongles. It’s also launches air purifiers in the past, but now Xiaomi is getting into the shoes business.

Obviously, these aren’t your regular shoes, but smart shoes that can connect to your smartphone, using an app. Biometric technology is all the rage when it comes to running gear these days and Xiaomi’s shoes make the most of the existing tech. The sneakers are manufactured by Chinese athletics giant Li-Ning and feature Xiaomi’s sensor technology. The shoes supposedly have a military grade motion sensor embedded in the sole, as well as a Bluetooth chip inside the midsole. Not only is the sensor resistant to environmental conditions, the shoes themselves are water-resistant, sweat-resistant.

There are pressure and motion sensors inside as well that count your steps, the amount of calories burnt, the distance covered and relay it to the app. Xiaomi had announced its plans to launch shoes back in March this year.

At launch, the smart shoes will be available in two variants with the base model priced at 199 yuan (approximately Rs 2,000), and the higher end version priced at 399 yuan (approx. Rs 4,000). The battery is said to last more than a year, which is great news if you run sparingly, but it’s still not clear whether the battery is user-serviceable or replaceable.

And in typical Xiaomi fashion, the sneakers are available in a variety of flashy colors, when they go on sale in China on June 20.

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