Being a runner means being aware of your surroundings at all times, even if your mind is focussed on getting through it. There will be times when your eye wanders away from the goal straight ahead, and more often than not you will snap back to concentrating on the run. But sometimes your gaze is caught by something so startling or wondrous that you will stop running.

That’s what happened to Andrzej Chomicz, hurtling through the Jack Lynch Tunnel during the Cork City Marathon last week. Chomicz was documenting his run and sped into the tunnel just like the other runners. But taking in the sights within the tunnel, he spotted a young bird trapped inside the tunnel, as per a report by the Irish Examiner.

With many more runners to follow him, it was obvious that the bird was in danger, so Chomicz decided to not worry about his finishing time and stopped to help the bird. He picked it up and ran outside till he could release it to safety, on the roadside, in the bushes. Watch the full video here.

While he may have ended the marathon at a slower time than he would have hoped for, Chomicz certainly proved to be the hero of the day. At least for one little chick in Cork City.

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