Here’s a good news for all the beer lovers out there. Now you can drink your favourite ale without having to worry about the belly flab or your fitness. But, don’t go around emptying bottles, since the good news ends when you actually indulge in beer.

According to a recent study conducted by Oregon State University beer helps control your cholesterol rate, and therefore plays a part in helping you lose weight, according to this report.

It’s all about xanthohumol, a flavonoid present in beer, which does the trick. The researchers gave xanthohumol to a group of male mice placed on high-fat diets. Each mouse was given 30 to 60 milligrams of xanthohumol per kilogram of body weight every day for about three months.

The mice provided with higher xanthohumol does cut their bad low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol levels by up to 80 percent. Their insulin levels also dropped by 42 percent, and the mice gained 22 percent less weight despite being in the same high-fat diet as before. The controlled group of mice who were fed the same diet but not given any xanthohumol, did not see any increase in their weight loss patterns.

The next step for researchers is to think of ways to give xanthohumol for human consumers without it being carried within beer. For now though, that cold one could actually help you lose weight, as long as you keep your consumption in check.

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