The key to shedding weight and losing calories might not be eating less or counting the calorific count in your dinner, but the amount of bites you take.

Wearable technology is helping provide novel weight-loss tools such as providing bite count feedback, allowing users to be more conscious about their meal. Researchers at Clemson University wanted to analyze how knowing the bite count metrics influences eating habits in different situations. The idea is to understand whether environmental factors affects what cues individuals pick up in situations typically called overeating.

In the study, people who received such a bite count feedback ended up eating less and also reduced their overall intake during a meal. Such a bite count feedback significantly reduced an individual’s intake regardless of the plate size, even though those given larger plates still consumed more than those given smaller plates.

In the past few years, a small plate trend has started emerging among the health community owing to the fact that larger plate sizes have been positively linked to overconsumption. But this study points out that it may not be the size of the plate but knowing the number of bites one takes that makes it easier to eat less, even though it did not overcome the problem of eating on a large plate completely.

“It was found that the presence of bite count feedback led to a reduction in overall consumption. This finding is consistent with current literature that shows feedback on consumption leads people to consume less,” Phillip W. Jasper, is quoted as saying in the report.

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