Let’s face it. We all love fried food and every now and then find it irresistible and dive in. This leads us to further dive into a bottomless pit of guilt. So here are a few steps to make fried food less sinful. Abate your guilt with these simple measures and indulge your tastebuds to fried food every now and then, because you only live once, and if you live it right, once is enough.

1. Do it yourself

Junk food is fine to eat as long as you make it yourself. When you cook yourself you know exactly what’s going into your food. You’re in control of the quality of your ingredients. Also, there’s only so much you can make yourself which means there’s a natural limitation on how much you can indulge.

2. Use correct temperatures

While frying foods the temperature needs to be ‘just right’. Too cool and the food is likely to soak up excess oil and be super greasy. Too hot and your oil can start to break down, releasing nasties into your food. Invest in a good digital thermometer for the kitchen and this problem is taken care of in a heartbeat.

Frying food at home will give you control to the amount of oil you add and the duration for which it is cooked

3. Use good oil

Different oils have different stability at higher temperatures. Also called the ‘smoke point’. Basically the higher the smoke point the more stable your oil and the better suited it is to cooking at high temperatures. Meaning the less ‘bad fried stuff’ released into your food.

The more oil is exposed to high temperatures, the more readily it breaks down and releases free radicals into your food. More expensive this way, but definitely way healthier.

4. Fry healthy ingredients

It doesn’t always have to be potatoes. All sorts of vegetables can be fried. Try Brussels sprouts or cauliflower to shake things up and make them more healthy.

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