As a largely solitary exercise, running may seem to lose out on the team camaraderie that other sports offer, but runners more than make up for it by exchanging tips and tricks and expressing their general love for it amidst fellow enthusiasts through running groups and social media. From posting updates from their trails to putting up workout advice and diet tips, runners online are doing their bit to keep the excitement around the sport going. Here’s our roundup of some interesting profiles to get inspired by. Here’s our latest edition of ‘Digital Inspiration’. Don’t forget to go back to our archives for social media runners you might have missed.

Nut Butter Runner

For those who run and love their food, the Nut Butter Runner’s Instagram steam features constant photos of conquering impossible runs followed by some of the delicious food she whips up in her home. She’s a Saucony 26 strong coach who also shares recipes, fitness ideas, and other random life musings through her long-running blog.

Bart Yasso

A running legend infamous for Yasso 800s routine, a marathon-training schedule used by thousands around the world, Bart Yasso is one of the few people to have completed races on all seven continents from the Antarctica marathon to the Mt. Kilimanjaro marathon. A member of the Running USA Hall of Champions, he tweets regularly about upcoming races and training runs as well as updates from his own trails.

Mario Fraioli

Senior editor of Competitor magazine, Mario Fraioli coaches elite as well as pro runners and is author of the book The Official Rock ‘n’ Roll Guide To Marathon & Half-Marathon Training. His tweets feature training and racing tips, photos of appealing trails, as well as insights and opinions on the world of professional running

Geoff Smith

British long-distance runner and Boston Marathon winner in 1985 Geoff smith has certainly created vivid memories on the track during his running days, and continues to expound his love for running even today. A race director, speaker and coach these days, he’s very active on social media and regularly shares inspirational words, plenty of running wisdom and pictures from his runs.

Mo Farah

Current Olympic, Europe and World Champion in the 5000m and 10000m category Mo Farah is always quick to post an update on his social handles, be it the birth of his child, pictures from his travels, race news or the sudden training tip. Mo has more than 1.2 million followers on Twitter, and he’s known for being quite engaging with fans and friends alike.

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