There’s little denying that runners, when not running or training, will inevitably end up talking about running or training. While a lot of professional runners these days use social media as a plug for their events and sponsors, there are still several who share valuable insights, exercise routines, nutrition tips as well as snippets from their daily lives. Follow some of these prolific running personalities who have much to say and show on social media.

Anna Frost

A professional trail runner for over a decade now, Anna Frost has covered a lot of ground around the world, though her favorite trails continue to be the really hilly ones. A runner with the UK-based Team Salomon, she shares pictures from the mountains, fitness routines and regular words of encouragement for her 26K + followers. Catch up with @annafrosty on Twitter and Instagram.

Joe Grant

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A top competitor on the US trail and ultrarunning circuit, Joe is a nature junkie and thrives in his mountain ranges, be it the Colorado Rockies or the Himalayan Annapurna. His posts and pictures are part musings about the wonder of running wild, part coaching guidelines and a great deal of inspiration for mountain runners and lovers. Follow him on Instagram and Twitter

Dorothy Beal

Besides the 27-plus marathons behind her, Dorothy is a champion blogger, a mother of three and a cover model for fitness magazines. As a running coach, her posts and updates cover the whole spectrum—from training tips and gear advice to inspirational quotes, music and more. Follow her @mileposts on Twitter and Instagram.

Sage Canaday

Sage is a two-time Olympic trial qualifier and a pro ultra mountain trail runner, but his biggest draw is the running videos he creates and shares on his social media. Sage owns VO2max productions, which specializes in making films for training, such as how to recover from a marathon or signs of overtraining, apart from clips and shorts from his own events and races. Follow him @SageCanaday on Twitter and Instagram</a>. And catch some of the fantastic videos on YouTube.

Josh Cox

Josh is a record holder in US 50K races and has qualified for several Olympic Marathon trials. One of the most popular and interactive runners online, Josh updates his Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram pages almost on a daily basis with racing tips, personal experiences, insights and motivating stories for all kinds of runners. Follow him for his unique brand of snark and fitness advice.

Main image: Joe Grant / @AlpineWorks

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