Let’s face it. We’re all addicted to our phones. No matter how many inspirational/shaming videos we watch about being addicted to our devices, we’re still addicted to them. But sometimes, it’s easy to turn this addiction into something productive (well, sort of). The number of hours we spend on social media can actually be made useful if we just try a little. But we like to help our runners in every way possible. So here’s our latest installment of ‘Digital Inspiration’. And don’t forget to go back to our older lists to check out the social media runners you’ve missed.

Pink Chick Runner

This one is especially for the ladies. Dawn Hopkins started running triathlons at the age of 55. That’s as badass as it gets! Her Twitter page is full of stories from the various marathons that she runs in and it’s not all serious, as she sports has a unique brand of humour. Check out her Flickr profile for more triathlon pictures.

Couple On The Run

‘Couples that run together, stay together.’ This re-worked adage applies to this couple who are authors, marathoners and speakers. Follow them on Twitter to see how you can keep the flame alive with the simple act of running, or you can pick up their book to see just how powerful a bond running can create!


David Hylton means business when he talks about running. After all, he’s making a living out of it. Follow him on Twitterto get deeper into the world of running, and everthing around it.

Kara Goucher

Kara is a two-time Olympian, who won the 10,000m bronze medal at the World Championships in 2007. That should be enough of an inspiration for the budding runners here, but Kara’s Twitter posts and her Instagram pictures give us a peak into the daily life of a high-performance athlete. And turns out it’s not that different from regular folks. After all, her Twitter bio reads, “Crazy about family, friendships, and running.”

Main image: Stewart Dawson

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