So you’re a runner now, and one with great metabolism. After each of your runs you chow down two or three aloo paranthas, and don’t mind a helping or two of something sweet either. Well, you’re everyone’s envy, but that’s a luxury few runners can afford. Most runners have to eat healthy to maintain the nutrient requirements of their body. Even athletes in the best shape of their lives have to give up on little cravings. Bear with us while we list down a few do’s and don’ts that you can adopt, to eat like an athlete.

Never skip breakfast
Yeah you heard us; we’re telling you to eat more. Breakfast preps you for the day, plus you’ve spent the last 8-10 hours fasting (i.e. sleeping), so your body is starved for nutrition. You need to stabilize your blood sugar, and this is the one meal during the day where you can gorge – albeit on healthy food. People who skip breakfast tend to eat more during the day.

Hydrate yourself
It’s easy to eat when you’re dehydrated. Remember to drink water through out the day instead of just when you’re working out. Consistency is key. And throwing back energy drinks doesn’t consist of hydrating. Pure H2o is key.

Eat like a champion
This means no junk food. It’s everybody’s weakness, but junk food is the worst thing you can put your body through. We have listen the reasons already. Swap junk for delicious healthy food (see Runner’s Recipes on our blog), and satiate your hunger and taste buds in one fell swoop.

Eat iron-rich food
Women tend to be naturally deficient in iron, hence it is important for them to eat food rich in iron. Green leafy vegetables are a good source for iron. There’s also red meat and oatmeal. Incorporate these in your diet and you should be good to go.

Plan your meals
Every good athlete plans their meals so that they are easier to follow. Spend an hour or two every weekend planning the next week’s meal and you’ll reduce the chance of straying from your schedule.

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