Ed Whitlock, the Canadian runner can be attributed to altering conceptions of human endurance by rewriting over 70 world records has passed away on Monday in Toronto, at the age of 86. A statement released by the family listed that he was battling prostate cancer and listed this as the reason behind his demise.

Whitlock set his latest distance-running record, completing the Toronto Waterfront Marathon in 3 hours 56 minutes 34 seconds and becoming the oldest person to run 26.2 miles in under four hours. He had no coach and didn’t follow any specific diet. Whitlock would usually keep himself busy doing seemingly ordinary household duties like shoveling snow in the winters and tending to his garden in the summers. His approach towards running and any sort of physical activity was  rather pragmatic. He was usually caught saying that he didn’t run because of all the added health benefits, the real feeling of enjoyment for him was getting across the finish line and finding out that you’ve done a fine job.

The world will surely miss Whitlock’s spirit and his never-give-up attitude when it came to life and running.


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