When you speak to someone about why they don’t have a fitness plan or workout regularly, the usual excuse is the lack of time. But in reality it’s the lack of motivation, because one can always squeeze in a 30-minute run in a day, if the motivation is there.

That’s something Tejinder Singh, a 43-year-old FirstRunner and engineer from Chandigarh. He led a very active lifestyle with regular swimming and running during his school and college days, He used to run in the Punjab University Campus ground and won third prize in the running competition in the school. But due to academic commitments his frequency dropped off, and due to a medical condition he stayed away from intensive exercises and could only resort to walking or jogging.

But after realizing that he needs to do something more than walking to lose some weight, he took up running basically to stay fit and lose weight. And in FirstRun he found a great partner and coach.

During his regular runs in Sector 49 of Chandigarh, he follows the instructions and guidelines given by Gul Panag in the FirstRun app.

Running and daily life
Running has helped Tejinder focus on the professional front. “I feel better the day I run and incomplete when I don’t get to. Once I had to take a break from running due to sudden rain, and it impacted my entire day. I felt that something is missing and it wouldn’t go away till I ran in the evening.”

Now, a regular runner, he makes sure he goes out for a run no matter what his day’s schedule. He’s managed to go for runs early morning at 3 am, even when he has a flight to catch early in the day.

The running dream
Tejinder wants to compete in the annual Chandigarh half marathon. And if he is completely fit he has a bigger challenge in mind. “In a few months I would love to go trail running and also participate in the Ladakh Ultra Marathon (Khardunga challenge: 72 km).”

The motivation
While he has not been a part of any running group, Tejinder prefers to run alone because that is when he gets quality ‘me-time’. The only challenge he faces is the runner’s knee which crops up every now and then, resulting in days away from running.

Diet and advice
As for his diet, Tejinder prefers running empty stomach (with just some water before the run) and he usually wraps up his running day with a light breakfast of toast, with either green tea or lime juice.

Tejinder’s advice to those who are looking to get fit, is to run as it is the most economical and effective form of exercise. One just needs a good pair of shoes. Having seen both ends of a life – healthy and unhealthy – he believes running is much less painful and requires little effort to start. Now his only regret is that he should have continued running that he should’ve started running much earlier.

Representative image: Steve Bonini

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