As far as body transformations go, many have credited the Mobiefit Apps for their success stories. Be it keeping tabs on your calories by clocking the miles with Mobiefit RUN or feeling the burn with an array of bodyweight workouts with Mobiefit BODY, we have users across the country and world who attribute their fitness journey to our apps. One such story is that of Kishlay Vatsyayan from Delhi who started his running journey with Mobiefit RUN and is now on his way to running his first Ultra Marathon this year. Employed as a full-time hospitality professional, Vatsyayan narrates all the highs and the lows he has encountered along his marathon journey.

Since when have you been running and what inspired you first to run?Answer-Since when have you been running?

I have been running since 2006 when I was studying Hotel Management at IHM Mumbai. I grew up in Delhi and shifting to Mumbai was more of a culture shock. In order to divert my mind from the homesickness and isolation, I took up running around Shivaji Park in Dadar. Back then there were not many runners or running groups, and I would usually be the only solo runner hitting the streets. I eventually ran my First Full Marathon of 42.195 km at the Mumbai Marathon in 2008. Another cause that I feel closely towards is the fight against cancer. I lost my grandmother to cancer and this too has been pivotal in paving the path for me to take up running.

What keeps you going on a regular basis? Any particular motivation or person who inspires you?

I believe that the body is like a clock that’s ticking every minute. Hence it becomes the need of the hour to maintain fitness and running is the best way to keep the consistency. Last year I got diagnosed with a dysfunctional gallbladder (Gall sludge). I was depressed since I had not encountered sickness for a long time. But with a strict and consistent fitness regime, I become fitter than ever and made my recovery from the illness rather quick. Immediately two months after this, I completed the Mumbai Marathon successfully without any injuries.

Kishlay has participated in the Mumbai Marathon right times and is aiming at completing his first Ultramarathon this year

Is it difficult to maintain your daily routine with work and your running schedule?

Yes, it is difficult when you come home tired after working for 12 hours. You feel sleepy and your body is on the verge of a breakdown. But when it comes to being committed to your fitness, excuses don’t matter. I go for running at 8.00 pm in the night and come back by 11. Weekends are again reserved for extensive exercises. Sleep is also essential to help your body recover.

So I make it a point to get at least 8 hours of good sound sleep after an exhausting day. Being at a management-level position at work I can’t afford to be in anyway mediocre when it comes to the tasks assigned to me. So I try to maintain a balance between my work and my regular running/exercise schedule. Well sometimes when there are big events coming up I take an occasional leave from work in order to recover from my long runs but then that is strictly occasional and my company is very accommodating.

What has your experience with Mobiefit been like? Can you say something about your favorite features or something that makes the app stand out?

I have been using Mobiefit RUN and it has been an excellent app with accurate distance tracking via GPS. The rewards policy for top runners through the monthly challenges is an excellent way to keep runners glued to the apps. Unlike other apps, Mobiefit RUN has features that set it a whole class apart from the other running apps. Here are a few things that are my personal favorite:

The calorie counter and route tracker is very accurate.

The in-app content is an excellent way of promoting fitness and running culture in India which will help in keeping Indians fit and control their medical expenses.

Another excellent feature is the Runners Diet. Diet is as important as doing any fitness activity. If your diet is bad your fitness regime won’t give you desired results

What are some of the marathons, events, etc. that you have participated in? Name some of your achievements.

I have Participated in the Mumbai Marathon 8 times, Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 3 Times and the Hiranandani Thane Half Marathon once. I will be running the Bangalore Ultra 100 km on 11th November 2017, which will be a straight jump of 60 km from my full marathon comfort zone. There are no achievements in particular as I am not a very fast runner, nor a podium finisher. Running makes me happy and satisfied, and that itself is my achievement you can say. You can count me as a common man struggling to maintain a balance between life, work and running.

Is there a particular marathon or run that you want to achieve? What’s your ultimate marathon goal?

The immediate goal is to finish the 48-hour stadium run in Hyderabad in the coming years. But my ultimate goal is to complete The IronMan Triathlon successfully, for which I have even started swimming more frequently. Ultimately the competition is with myself, my fears, my failures, and my idea of success.

I am not an elite runner. I am human. A commoner. A struggler hailing from a lower middle class who just wants to keep breaking his limits in order to prove himself to prove his strength.  A marathon is a journey within, a meditation, a soul stirring experience where there is no supremacy, no competition. Just simple pure bliss which is achieved during and after the run.

How do you prepare and train for marathon days?

There is no particular training regime as such, but of late I have been stressing on leg strengthening, endurance exercises, circuit training like swimming apart from my regular runs and regular exercises. Diet in particular consists of sprouts, fruits and nuts for breakfast followed by a simple lunch of roti sabji and dinner comprising of soup and fruit platter, especially papayas after long runs.

What kind of strength workouts do you do? Tell us about your warmups and recovery process.

Strength workouts are basic and without any equipment which largely includes lunges, mountain climbers, planks, squats, and push-ups. Swimming is the best form of endurance exercise which I do. I don’t do warmups in particular apart from regular leg stretches. I don’t run every day but on alternate days and do swimming or endurance exercises when I am not running. Tapering is a must before any long run and followed by 2-3 days of rest.

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