This article is written by Mobiefit’s nutrition expert, Shwetha Bhatia. She is also the founder of Gym & Tonic, where she can easily customize workouts according to the needs and requirements of her clients.

Exercise is not just an activity to enhance aerobic capacity and muscle size. Sure, exercise can improve your physical health and your physique, trim your waistline, improve your libido and add some much needed years to your life.
Exercise in the right amount, combination, form, and technique is as important as eating the right diet. In fact, it can be your one-stop solution for all health and lifestyle-related problems.

Here’s a look at a list of benefits that regular exercise can provide, that are beyond weight loss:

Mental Health

Studies suggest that older adults that are physically active have had less brain atrophy compared to their more sedentary counterparts. Physical activity can be preventive as well as therapeutic for conditions such as depression, bipolar disorders, dementia, anxiety disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorders, Parkinson’s, and schizophrenia. An evident improvement in the cognitive function and physical strength is also observed in children with intellectual disorders and autism. Exercise can even reduce depressive symptoms and help people cope with long-term illness.

Metabolic Syndrome and Hypertension

Metabolically obese normal weight (MONW) describes those individuals who have a normal body weight but high fat percent and may have the same risk of complications as those who are overweight and obese. Studies show that lifting weights may play a role in reducing the risk of the metabolic syndrome, while aerobic exercise has been successfully used to control blood pressure.

Weight training has been shown to have positive effects on strength and physical function as you age


Sitting for long hours has recently been associated with increased risk of diabetes. Achieving moderate or vigorous physical activity of at least 30 minutes per day is associated with a substantial reduction in the risk for diabetes. Resistance exercise at low or moderate intensities is effective for lowering blood glucose and cardiovascular risk factors in individuals with diabetes. Maintaining mobility among patients with diabetes is important particularly as they age. Regular exercise can lessen the likelihood of developing more serious health problems thus decreasing healthcare costs.

Age-related mobility

Sarcopenia is the age-related loss of muscle mass. Weight training has been shown to have positive effects on strength and physical function as you age. A physical activity like walking can protect older individuals from osteoporosis, risk of falls and more importantly help them to independently perform daily tasks. Home-based guided exercise in persons older than 80 years has been shown to be a cost-effective method of reducing falls. Staying fit during middle age is associated with a decreased risk of developing chronic diseases, such as diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, and heart disease, over the next several years.

Exercising under expert supervision in a pool has shown to boost physical endurance and energy levels in people with chronic obstructive lung disease

Postmenopausal women

Current guidelines recommend weight-bearing activities, preferably maximal strength training for improving skeletal health in postmenopausal women with osteopenia and osteoporosis. Aerobic exercise is frequently prescribed to reduce cardiovascular disease risk which increases after menopause.

Lung disease

Exercising under expert supervision in a pool has shown to boost physical endurance and energy levels in people with chronic obstructive lung disease. It results in improved stamina, reduced fatigue, depression, breathlessness and ability to complete daily tasks. The water environment is unique because of the effect of buoyancy which supports the body weight, reduces forces on joints and allows greater movement unlike moving on land.

Regular exercise boosts your energy, enhances your mood, makes you think better and increases your immunity; all while losing weight

Posture-related issues

Chronic low back pain has been shown to be strongly related to immobility, muscular impairments, and avoidance behavior. Specific regimes that involve usage of the core and trunk muscles allow specific and variable training of muscular impairments and can alleviate low back and neck pain.

Flu and Cold

Training in mindfulness meditation and sustained moderate-intensity exercise appear to be associated with reduced illness severity and fewer days of missed work because of acute respiratory infections.

Reduced estrogen levels

Women may face the loss of estrogen function before menopause due to surgeries related to ovarian cancers, cysts, etc. Loss of estrogen function leads to insulin resistance, increased risk for heart disease and loss of muscle strength. Physical activity may be an effective substitution for estrogen therapy in women who are experiencing reduced estrogen function.

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