One of our top excuses for not working out is lack of time. Between managing work, home and commute times, many of us are left with very little opportunity to go to a gym or an exercise class for an hour’s workout. While largely valid, that’s still no reason to skip 30-60 minutes of daily exercise in your own house. Home workouts are great – you spend barely any money or time on ‘getting ready’ for exercise. You can control the music and mix up various workouts, from plyometrics and Pilates to yoga and strength training.

For starters, there are a whole lot of crunches, pushups and squats that you can do just with mobiefit BODY and your own bodyweight.

Home workouts are fuss free, but also challenging and fun. Apart from comfortable active wear, a few basic equipment and accessories can help you maximize your training and add further power to your moves. Here’s a look at some great training gear to help you make the most of your exercise hour.

Exercise mat
A mat is the most basic piece of home workout equipment you will need. Apart from yoga and Pilates, a mat is essential for floor workouts like crunches, pushups and back exercises. The Spoga exercise mat is made of heavy-duty comfort foam that protects your knees and joints, and absorbs impact, while still allowing you to grip the floor for balance. At 71-inches long, it offers plenty of space to accommodate a variety of moves. The mat comes with a water-resistant and easy-to-clean surface and a self-strapping system for easier transportation.

Cooling Towels

Coolcore recovery cooling towel with an exclusive discount on mobiefit Store
Coolcore recovery cooling towel with an exclusive discount on mobiefit Store

Towels are vital to wipe yourself down after a workout, which helps in allowing your skin to breathe and also gives you a better grip. But you can take it a step further by using cooling towel which helps you in recovery as well. Dr.Cool’s Coolcore is an excellent choice for a towel that focusses on recovery.

Resistance bands
Resistance bands are one of the simplest yet most beneficial additions you can make to your home exercise equipment. They can be used to train numerous muscle groups, and their super convenient size makes them easy to use anytime, anywhere. The Black Mountain strength resistance band is the ideal for CrossFit, weight training, assisted pull ups, and much more. Each loop resistance band is 41″ long and is 1″ thick, and made from natural rubber to achieve ultimate resistance and durability.

Mini Core Exercise Ball

Mini medicine ball is a great fit for your home workouts
Mini medicine ball is a great fit for your home workouts

It can be impractical to keep a full-sized stability ball in small spaces unless you’re planning to inflate and deflate it after every use. A mini core ball is extremely handy here and you can use them in a wide variety of strength training routines. The STOTT PILATES Mini Stability Ball provides an unstable base of support, designed to activate your deepest stabilizing muscles. This lightweight and portable mini ball measures 7.5-Inch in diameter and the pack includes s blow-up straw and plug for easy inflation and a workout DVD.

A set of dumbbells
The right dumbbell weight for you will fatigue your muscles in eight to 12 reps — meaning you feel a burning sensation and feel like you can’t lift your arm anymore. Thus, it’s best to start out with a set of different assorted weights that allow you to step up as you grown stronger. Proline Fitness fixed-weight dumbbells come in a variety of weights from 1.5kg onwards. The comfortable grip and attached strap makes it very convenient for use across a range of strength-training movements.

Adjustable stepper

Step Aerobic workouts (Shutterstock)
Step Aerobic workouts (Shutterstock)

Adding or removing height allows you to try killer cardio moves, like step ups and box jumps. In addition, you can use also use a stepper for modifying moves like planks or push-ups — put the stepper under your hands to make the move easier, and under your feet to make it more difficult. These small aerobic steps from Cosco are adjustable up to six inches, and come with a shock-absorbing platform and non-skid surface.

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