Compression gear is now widely accepted in the running community and is a must-have on every endurance athlete’s list. What makes compression apparel different from ordinary wear is the manner in which the fabric is engineered. The elastic gradient compression fabric molds around various parts of the body, and helps in increasing blood and lymphatic flow. In sports, compression garments are meant to improve performance and expedite recovery. You would have noticed athletes wearing skin-tight clothing that seemingly leaves little breathing room between skin and cloth. That’s what brings in the increased performance.

Making the rounds in India’s fitness circuit is Azani performance gear which is engineered to hold the muscles in place and prevent excessive muscle vibrations. Not only does this benefit the athlete by reducing muscle damage, but it also delays muscle fatigue as well as reducing the onset of DOMS (delayed onset of muscle soreness).

A study conducted in Auckland backs this up by saying that soreness could be reduced specifically in the compressed muscle region. Ninety-three percent of subjects who ran without compression socks experienced lower leg soreness a day after the run, but only 14 percent of the subjects who ran with the socks had similar soreness.

Compression apparel also leads to expedited recovery because of increased blood flow. Like any other compression gear Azani sports wear works by preventing excessive lactic acid build up in certain parts of the body. Not only does it prolong how long the muscle can push, it also reduces muscle strain and minor tears thus diminishing the potential for injury. Frequent air travelers also claim that their legs feel fresher, and less sore, after wearing compression socks. This happens because with the increased blood flow, metabolic waste is removed quicker, thereby leading to faster re-introduction of the muscle building blocks.

Compression apparel can be isolated into upper and lower body wear. Compression tops provide core support around the stomach, sides and the lower back, which can become fatigued particularly after long runs. Azani Original Series Full Sleeve and Half Sleeve Compression Tops offers a support system that traces over key muscle groups in the arms, shoulders and core. This enhances muscle performance, reduces post exercise muscle strains and speeds up muscle recovery. Azani’s lightweight fabric with flat lock seams makes you feel like you’re wearing a second skin which makes breathing easier.

For the lower body, compression wear comprises of socks, tights, and sleeves. Many runners use compression socks because they keep cramps at bay. The Azani Elite Compression Socks and Calf Sleeves provide support and stability to key muscles groups in the lower legs which make them perfect for athletes and regular individuals who wish to increase their training intensity and minimize muscle strain before a competitive marathon or event. Compression leggings and tights can rapidly reduce recovery time and minimize delayed onset muscle soreness and reduce muscle oscillation, particularly through the quad and calf.

With all these advantages, compression gear is definitely worth it. But it also must be noted that a lot of the advantages of compression clothing is also to do with confidence. They have a placebo effect on runners, especially those with perfect technique, but not all levels of runners can take advantage of them. If you’re a new runner, we’d say give running a few months to see how your body responds, and how your running form shapes up, before investing in compression clothing.

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